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An eagle soaring high in the air is a symbol of freedom, strength and majestic beauty. Such an eagle against a red background is the Republic's of Poland coat of arms. A view from the flight of an eagle soaring high in the sky over the territory, on which it at the same time is a historic symbol, seems of particular interest.

The exhibition "Poland as the Eagle Flies" shows space from a perspective that is inaccessible to most people, but extremely inspiring. Aerial photos - in the view of their author Dr. Marek Ostrowski - are not only a photographic technique but above all a way of thought. The higher we go, the broader the horizons of our thought. The same happens when we penetrate deeper into things we know.

Dr. Ostrowski is an academic teacher and researcher at the Faculty of Biology, Warsaw University, a member of the Committee on Space and Satellite Research of the Polish Academy of Sciences, who together with the Education Office of the Council of the Capital City of Poland provide patronage for this exhibition. He has been involved for tens of years in image information research and imaging in different ranges of electromagnetic radiation and in different scale, from the molecular level to satellite images. A considerable part of his research and creative activity is connected with aerial and satellite photography. His aerial photos are scientific documentation and a research tool but at the same time are striking in their aesthetics and composition. Of particular interest are novel and surprising interpretations of the contents of the photos which allow discovering new meanings and contexts. The photos and their interpretation are rich in information about both space and ….ourselves. Photos sometimes serve to build in real space entire exhibitions-towns, with scores of theme streets and parks. The photos can be read like literature, sometimes like poetry and at the same like a science publication that impacts our intellect both directly and, through emotions, indirectly.

Dr. Ostrowski is the author of several score large-format exhibitions, several aerial photography albums for which he has received awards, the creator of Warsaw Studies - Knowledge about the City and the educational project, the Warsaw Education Triptych, which creates a new model of school and education. More information:, Warsaw Education Triptych.

The exhibition presents the natural and cultural landscapes and their interpretations of Poland - the country that presides in the 6-month term over the Council of the European Union. Poland is a country with unusually beautiful nature, with rich history and traditions, and which has repeatedly made its mark in European tradition.

The exhibition was organized by the organizing Committee of The Polish Term at the Joint Research Centre in Ispra on the occasion of the Polish Presidency in the Council of the European Union.

The exhibition will be accompanied by a lecture:
Part I - Introduction
Image information - a guide to space and the brain
Part II
Poland, Warsaw, Warsaw School.

The lectures will be held at the Circolo Velico di Cerro

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