Marek Ostrowski

Aerial, surface and submarine photography

We accept and execute:

  • all orders aimed at the execution of imaging documentation, including aerial, surface and submarine photography (in co-operation).
  • the taking of photos that demand high qualification with regards to both subject matter and technical details (scientific photography
  • the taking of photos with high artistic values

The photos are taken based on appropriate licensing and authorisation. Commissioned work can be realised using any type of modern technical equipment and in any area, also outside Poland.

In the case of commissioning aerial photography its execution depends on the weather conditions. Photos can be taken:

  • at any time of the year and any time of the day or night
  • in visible and infrared light and thermal radiation
  • vertical photography for photogrammetric elaborations is possible

The topics that were dealt with within the past year include:

  • remote sensing analysis of the environment
  • aerial imaging of the flood wave and the capillary rise in the flood areas
  • analysis of the state of contamination of surface waters in the North-East of Poland
  • imaging of the water reservoirs in Warsaw and the purity analysis
  • aerial and surface photography for urban planning
  • identification and mapping of plant communities
  • analysis of the overgrowing of water plants in the reservoirs
  • identification and documentation of works of art
  • analysis of impurities in glass and mineral coats done using fluorescence in ultraviolet light
  • photogrammetric elaborations of local areas and objects

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