Marek Ostrowski

When the act of union between the Polish and Lithuanian nations was adopted by the Sejm in Lublin on 1 July 1569, creating a supra-national association of two states, and the Commonwealth of the Crown of Poland and the Grand-Duchy of Lithuania was born, one of its most important decisions was to make Warsaw the location of the common sittings of the two sejms. The choice of Warsaw is linked to its central placement between Cracow and Vilnius and its political neutrality. This event marked a turning point in the history of the city and began the process of forming the city into a capital.

The election field at Kamion is a place where special historical events took place: the first free elections in the history of Poland, the passing of revolutionary acts of law - the first Basic Law of the Commonwealth of the Polish Crown and Grand-Duchy of Lithuania, the Henrician Articles - the first constitution of the Commonwealth of the Two Nations, and the confirmation of the Act of General Confederation of 28 January 1573, which enjoined the observance of freedom of conscience and of faith - an unusual law at a time when contemporary Europe was plunged in religious strife.


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