Marek Ostrowski
mobile (+48) 602 760031
SAMPER sci-art

Invitation to the Na Rozdrozu Café

Wishing to honour the initiator and author of this exhibition as well as all visitors, the Na Rozdrozu Café - a traditional meeting place for Varsovians - invites all visitors to view more of Marek Ostrowski's pohotographs.

Fragrant coffee and made ice cream compositions will enhance the experience of viewing other publications by Marek Ostrowski that are no longer available on the market, such as books from the Poland from Eagle's View series: `Gea means Earth' and `Opus Hominis,' which our waiters will serve for viewing upon request.

As an additional attraction, there will be a meeting with the author at Na Rozdrozu Cafe. At the café, one can also buy souvenirs from the exhibition, posters, and part of the book Warsaw Triptych.

The Na Rozdrozu Cafe is located on Na Rozdrozu Place, 100m from exhibition.