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Organization of educational activity

In January and February of 2002 open lectures presented by dr Marek Ostrowski, organised by the Warsaw University and the Independent Image Information Study, accompanying the panorama of Warsaw were held. This event was under the patronage of the Rector of the Warsaw University, Professor Piotr Węgleński.

January 12, 2002
Lecture 1: The Panorama of Warsaw as a form of the urban area presentation

The lecture was held together with the State Archives of Warsaw. At its end sets of CDs (6 Gb) with recorded Panorama was ceremonially donated to the State Archives of Warsaw, the archives of the Warsaw University Library and the National Library.

February 9, 2002
Lecture 2: Warsaw in the aerial and satellite photography - interpretation and analysis of the urban environment using the most modern imaging techniques.

In the course of the lecture the main thesis for a three -volume elaboration (in press) containing unique source materials from the beginning of the century till the present time will be discussed.

February 16, 2002
Lecture 3: First public presentation of the thesis of the author's scientific and education programme, aimed at:

  • integrating Warsaw universities and their activities for the benefit of the city
  • conducting of interdisciplinary (inter - university) classes for students, involving the analysis and the interpretation of the aerial photography
  • idea of creation of FORUM of WARSAW
  • setting up post - graduate studies for teachers and self - government employees
  • creating a series of new generation didactic programmes, at all levels, from primary school to university, based on eight different subjects

The presentation of a programme for the integration of scientific and didactic activities for the benefit of the capital city community is at the same time an invitation for co - operation. The invitation to participate in the programme is directed to the staff and students of all faculties of the Warsaw University, the Warsaw Technical University, the Warsaw Agricultural University, the Academy of the Arts and also, to universities from outside Warsaw as well as to methodologists and teachers from primary schools, secondary schools (gymnasiums and lyceums) as well as to the secondary schools (lyceum) students.