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Atlas of Clinical Hematology

This book was written by a team of outstanding Polish hematologists: dr. Joanna Litwin, dr. Maciej Słomkowski, prof. Maria Kraj and a histopathologist prof. Wiesław Dura and edited by prof. Izabela Krzemińska - Ławkowicz and prof. Stanisław Maj. The 500 colour plates were the work of dr. Marek Ostrowski. Edited by Wydawnictwo Lekarskie PZWL, 1993.

The basic method used in the work of a hematologist is an analysis of blood and marrow cells in the light microscope. The album presents cells from both the physiology of the cardiovascular system and its pathological states. The cytological image of the cells has been supplemented with 36 histopathological preparations from the lymph nodes, bones and marrow, which is indispensable for correct diagnosis of the disease.

The blood picture is frequently the image of the physiology of the whole organism and hematological diagnosis frequently decides about our health and, occasionally, life too. For this reason, the Atlas of clinical hematology is a basic source of information in diagnosis in all analytical laboratories. Knowledge of haematopoietic cells is at the basis of, for instance, tissue culture methods that are in the focus of modern medicine. An example may be the use of polypotential stem cells.

At present it has become urgent to update this work and publish it in an electronic form.